Styles and Colors

Our sheaths come in three styles: "pancake", "taco", and open back.  (open back is for larger blade options)

All carry options are sold separate, unless stated. 


Pancake is where the sheath is formed from two separate pieces of Kydex® that are riveted together.


 Taco is where the sheath is formed from a single piece of Kydex® that is folded around the knife blade.



Both styles can be set up for neck carry, please leave a note if needed.

 We set them for right hand carry unless you note otherwise.

 All of our sheaths come in a variety of colors to choose from.  If you would like to see other color options, please see, we can order additional colors.


2-edc-copy.jpg Carbon Fiber Tan

krytptke-sm.jpg Kryptek
black-sm.jpg Black
coyote-tan-sm.jpg Coyote Tan
carbon-fiber-sm.jpg Carbon Fiber
desert-sm.jpg Desert digi
forest-sm.jpg Forest digi
urban-sm.jpg Urban digi
blood-red-sm.jpg Blood Red
chocolate-sm.jpg Chocolate Brown
emt-red-sm.jpg EMT Red
od-sm.jpg OD
orange-sm.jpg Orange
pink-sm.jpg Pink

Police Blue

purple-sm.jpg Purple
safety-green-sm.jpg Safety Green

Safety Yellow